Dr Arun Arora: What are the Roles of An Internal Medicine Specialist

In the United States, the term “internal medicine” refers to a broad field of medical practice that includes primary care, such as general internal medicine or geriatrics, Dr Arun Arora as well as subspecialties of internal medicine.

Internal medicine specialists are physicians who have completed at least four years of residency training in internal medicine Dr Arun Arora and have passed an examination administered by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). These specialists focus on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting people’s internal organs and blood vessels. The most common conditions for which they treat patients include:

• Heart disease
• Stroke
• Diabetes
• Arthritis

Discover the Roles of An Internal Medicine Specialist

The roles of an Internal Medicine specialist are varied and complex, so it’s important to get a detailed understanding of the specialty. You’ll often see the term “internal medicine” used in combination with other terms like “primary care,” “specialist,” or “sub-specialty.”

Internal medicine specialists can be found in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, private practices and even nursing homes. Specialists are able to provide care for patients who have both common and rare medical conditions. They can also help diagnose and treat diseases that affect multiple organ systems such as the lungs, heart and blood vessels. If you are in need of an internal medicine specialist, then you can search for Dr Arun Arora. He is offering his services to people in Flushing, New York.

Internists perform routine exams on adults, children and adolescents who have no specific symptoms or complaints but may be at risk for developing serious health problems over time due to their age group (such as diabetes). Internists specialize in treating adults with non-life threatening illnesses that require ongoing management by a team of physicians including cardiologists, surgeons etc..